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Wanted - Your used Robinson accessories, covers, dollies, floats, doors, camera mounts, pods, wheels ...... cash paid!!

Ordering - please email your request to - $100 min order for overseas please.
All items on the site are for ground or temporary use and not for permanent installation - all items can be secured by hand. Used parts should be inspected and installed per the manufacturers instructions.

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Note: Most items will carry the manufacturers warranty of 90 days on new items. Subject to normal usage. Warranty does not covery any shipping costs.
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Special! - Rib Bag Combo

Our best selling Rib Jaw Mount with our popular Bit Bag - $145.00 ($169.95 Seperately)
After you have all the RHC Accessories - The Ultimate Robinson Hangar



Click picture to see the VIDEO  
This hangar is available now! Located in Europe - the cost is $125,000
Heavy duty construction, using over 50 hydraulic pistons. Can be transported on a low trailer.

But the more compact version is now here ...... RobiShell!

Fiberglass shell available in any custom color. Completely protects aircraft R22 or R44. Automatic hydraulic operation.
Cost depending on options $33,000

GAZELLE SA341B For Sale - Available now




For Sale - Gazelle SA341G - Civilian - fresh100 hr - All ADS - new straps and crosstube
IFR with Sperry Auto Pilot, new satin black paint,  new gray carpet, new Garmin GNX375 with ADSB + aux fuel tank - great times remaining. Fast. Holds airspeed record for helicopter. One of only 8 single engine helicopters made with IFR. For more info -
Available now for Part 91 usage

Cost? Much less than a used R66!
TTAF 3390 hrs . Turbine: 520 SMHO

Black SA341F2 also for sale - ex French military - now certified in experimental -  Call for more info.
See Gazelle info here.
• Maximum Speed 265 kph (200MPH)
• Cruising Speed 233 kph;
• Range 800Km with aux 24 gallon fuel tank

EC120 For sale - very low hours - recent 12 year inspection - owner bought Honda Jet - looking for quick sale!
Call (818) 557 0903 or email

OR ....... everyone needs an original World War Spitfire and a Mosquito! These are both for sale from a contact of ours .....

Spitfire Sales Info                                                                 Mosquito Sales Info
Lama SA 315B - Sold

NEW!! R44 rear seat cubby-console and armrest! Fits tight between back seats. No tools required. Can be removed/installed in seconds.
Two drink holders (supersize and standard) and storage chest that can easily hold cans, ice or your normal "stuff". Padded leather top and trim.
$395.00 (Available soon)

Center Rear Console for R66 - Factory unit - $2200.00 (4 week lead time)

R44 Door Pockets ..Available in Black Cordura or gray, or tan leather. (Cordura in stock - allow 2 weeks for leather trim items)
Foam backed with zippered top pocket and small zippered front pocket and small pen pocket.
This will need to be glued to the door or Velcroed - panels have velcro sewn to the back and we supply a roll of industrial strength adhesive backed velcro, so are completely removeable, also  included is some Aircraft Spruce glue and 2 of the embroidered R44 patches that can attach to the pockets. Great for maps, papers, receipts, change, pens, note pads etc.

Cordura 2 piece set - $295
Burn Cert - $30.00



New Robi Bottle Bag! - Velcros securely around the inside hinge of the seat. Has pockets for pens, standard size bottle and pouch for phone, snack bars, glasses or keys etc.
Also full size map map pocket behind.  Ideal for tour helicopters giving passengers safe place for water bottle and personal items. Take it with you.
$39.95 each
Front pair $75.00
Full set (4 pcs) $140.00

WANTED!! Your used RHC parts and gear!! Old or used covers, dollies, ground wheels, gauges, doors, etc!

Ground Wheels for R44
Fixed axle package - Wheels (Pneumatic), Bit Bag and R44 Patch - $695.00

Bearing axle package  - wheels (Pneumatic) with double twist bearing axle (eliminates wear on skid bracket), Bit Bag and R44 Patch

Coming Soon!
Robo Wheels
For R22 and R44. CNC cut parts with solid (flat free) rubber wheels or pneumatic tires.
The last set you will ever need!

CNC cut steel main bracket accomodates eith R44 or R22
axle and skid shaft - universal left/right
R44 wheel or R22 wheel
Robo Wheels master bracket accomodates any length of axle bolt and either the skid shaft for R22 or R44. The master bracket is symetrical so can be used for left or right sides when axle and shaft are switched around. Variable axle length allows you to choose any suitable wheel or re-use the wheels from your original Robinson set if desired.
Email for more details and to be alerted as soon as these are available - estimating July 21. contact -
Dual AT (All Terrain) Wheels for R44/R66. 2Pc handle. Wheels will fit under back seats.
Extra clearance than standard wheels. Pair - $1495.00
R44 Gift Pack!
For the ultimate R44 Fan!
Handmade R44 TRB scarf for those chilly flights
Handmade R44 Dickie-bow Tie for those winter formals
R44 Cap - R44 double sided Bit Bag
and a woven patch for his pyjamas and an R44 tie pin for the office suit.
$139.00 +$9.50 shipping in USA (Priority Mail)

United Kingdom
Parts and overhaul service for RHC, flight training and VIP services. Tours to North Pole by special appointment!
If you are are a visitor to UK - I strongly recommend a visit to see "Q" at HQ Aviation just outside London.
They have a fantastic flight operation where you can arrange a flight to see
the amazing English countryside, with a pilot who has actually flown to the North Pole in an R44.
Also soon to be stocking many of our Robinson Helicopter Accessories

HQ Aviation Ltd Tel: +44 1895 833373

NEW!! - Robidolli2
$1495.00 - Sold Out


Mix andMatch wheels with same shaft!

R22 Parts List - New 2016 Prices
R44 Parts List - New 2021 Prices

Bubble Windows? R44 or R66?

New or Overhauled ship?

Robidolli 3
This new dolly does not use a jack. Get a lever long enough and you can move the world! Simply tilt the lever under the R44/22 ball and push down. It will lift the nose the required height. Compact and heavy duty with ball cup receiver. $895.00 2" ball receiver.

NEW 2013 Raven 1 for sale - Sold
Priced for quick sale at well below current dealer cost. Customer backed out of purchase.This is a 2013 aircraft delivered in May.  (Ordered for customer who backed out!) -  $345K.
Accessories included - 2 door bags, wool seat covers for front seats, Ipad GPS mount, custom floor mats. .

R44 Decals and striping

We did this shark decal for one of our customers. We have a vinyl wrap service next to our office. They do all sorts of custom decals and wrapping for movie aircraft and autos. Come up with your design and we can create a sticker set. We can refer a local installation service to get the job done. Make your Robbie come alive with a cool new look.

Now upgraded as the Transformer!
Now using the same shaft so you can swap from hard wheels to soft wheels if necessary.
The Ground Wheel with a NEW twist!
If you are frequently using your ground wheels you are propably familiar with the wear that the bracket gets, and then finally fails. The Double Twist Wheel has a swivel shaft that will not wear the skid bracket and makes the lifting easier. Solidly built with powder coat finish and replaceable shaft.
With Bearing shaft $795.00 - Standard shaft $695

Double Twist Ground Wheels

Skid/wheel Shaft mounted
on double bearing
R44 Decals - Complete set - $20
Currently un-available

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Robo Wear

TRB RoBowTie
For the discerning pilot! Handmade in Savile Row, London
Black and white fabric with clip on. A must for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and important events! Great gift! Comes with enamel black, white and silver $49.95


Lapel / cap/ Tie Pin
Enamel Silver, black and white. $9.95

R44 Pin
For the R44 flight suit! Embroidered Patch.
R22 and R66 also available
5.2" x 1.8" H - $14.95 each
$20.00 per Pr

R44 Patch
Set of fixed floats. Good shape. With landing gear. These are approx 10 years old and appear to be almost un-used. New these are $29,000



Used R44 bubble cover - good physical condition, some marks. $200

Another MT950 - $4995 on this one - located in California -
Basket for R44 - Looks like new - with all hardware for helicopter mounting. These are $15,000 new .... Very handy piece of kit!
By Aero Design
R44 run out engine - good for rebuild or core - $7500 OBO
Redbox PSU RBSC100 - we have 2 of these - they are like new, perfect for keeping ship powered up for training or maintenance - New they are $5000+ - $3500

Front Cupafloor panels  - used. These have a slight warp - been extra toasty somewhere - make make a good temporary set for extra muddy situations - $100

OEM Robinson R44 Exhaust Muffler Raven II Used Serviceable C169-31 C169-32
All season main body cover for R44.
Bruces Aircovers - brand new in the Bag!!
Retails for $1940.00 #R44-0025
Front bubble cover and doors and rear engine cover - grey

Robinson OEM R44 Emergency Pop-out Float Kit: Bags - Great Condition. Fairings - Great Condition; Freshly painted, then never used. Skids - Good Condition. Cylinder - Great Condition; Brand New from Factory - Aug 2016; zero time. Kit does not include mounting hardware (screws, hoses, etc.). Can be picked up from South Florida, or we can arrange shipping.
Also includes the Whale tail fin - you will need the extended landing struts.

Used Helipod II for R44 - Right side with mounting hardware $2995.00
USA new cost is now $6500 each side!

NEW Helipod II - Old stock but brand new in the box with hardware. These are with NZ CAA approval - that approval was later transfered to include FAA approved STC - so these maybe fitted with a field approval. Check with your mechanic. New in USA these are $6500 - these ones $3995.00
We have right and left side ... buy both for $6995.00

Skid Skate Jr. - Place this under one front skid and then easily pull the helicopter from the tow ball with tether included - $149.00

NEW! Robi-jack
If you have a hangar you probably have other storage items. So you likely may have a palet jack or forklift. If so the Robi-jack is for you. Easily slips over forks of standard palet jack or forklift. Find a motorized palet jack on Craigs List and you are off and rolling with a motorized heli-dolly!
Palet jack available from Uline or Global at approx $250.00
Comes with our Ball-Cup attachment
Call for order
Robi-jack with forklift

Add this electric powered palet jack and you have a super sturdy, powered Robidolli - this jack is $2500 with free freight!! Brand New!
Do the Tap Test!

Robi-jack with palet jack
Set of original  Demo Hi roller Wheels - Standard fixed shaft - $495.00
Also available used set of hard wheels $495
Project X(perimental) Clamp
X-Clamp securely fits on the RHC tow ball creating a secure hard point for various custom applications for experimental or field certification with Go Pro, lighting, spray equipment or ground handling device.
Incorporates 3 x  1/4-20 camera threads for easy attachment of various standard mounts.
$145.00 with 1"ball
Only for use on ground. This is not a certified item. Contact your aviation authority to
get possible experimental or field certification for use in your country.

??????? RHC MYSTERY #3
So anyone who has an R44 may wonder what the grey lump of foam is iside their smart RHC carry bag with the little bit of plastic, the yellow knob and the bubble cover - right?
Well after looking up the part number it is a cushion. Handy for putting behind a shorter student or pilot not reaching the pedals! RHC offers a color co-ordinated velour cushion for $170.00 to match your interior as well. Nice!
It can still fly out the door. Our handy Booster Bag lets you take that piece of grey foam (if you still have it kicking around) and fit it snugly in the bag. Bag will also hold an emergency map or two, spare credit card, that funny piece of plastic and the yellow knob thing. The strap will conveniently secure under the seat to avoid any possible fly-away and keep it securely in place.
Plus it looks a bit better than a piece of old grey foam.  You can also use it as a bag.
Mystery solved!
$39.95 (Excludes the foam!)

NEW!! The Heli-Hammock! No it's not for the kid to take a nap! Handy for storage to keep the seat area clear for under seat access,
or for double layer storage on that camping trip, or for those
4 salmon that just wont fit under the seat!  For occasional, temporary use only.
Adjustable height straps, grommets to bungee in loose objects. Ataches to existing seat belt hardware

R44 Airliner - Back seat coverall for R44 rear seats. Bottom pvc is rubber padded and with filler section for between the seats. Both ends zip open for easy access
and liner straps down to seat belt clips below and above. Net top velcros down to secure items inside. Thick PVC material. Protects and secures temporary cargo items loaded on back seat area. Suggested by utility users who require a diverse larger selection of cargo items to be transported in the R44. Folds easily for storage under seat and weighs only 1.5 lbs

Booster Sandwich! 3 pcs 2" canvas cushions for seat back. Cushions velcro and strap together to adjust to the boost required.
Handy item for instructors with smaller students!  Secures with strap under seat.

Cap it Off - Gas gap for the one that got away!
Keep a spare one - White only - $125.00

D663-1 Fuel Line Clamps $4.00
Temp Tape 110-2/3/4 $7.00
Temperature Scale
   AN6235-1A Filter - $19.50
Fuel Line - $8.00/ft



All the collective grips are A601-1.
Collective Grips $28 pr A601-1

Gas Shocks for front doors - $95.00 each side D575-1
Rear Doors - $85.00 each side
Full Set - $335.00
Front or Rear

Super Scooper Vent - Now available!
Fits easily into existing vent. Temporary use only.
Passenger side now available!!!

Use a safety wire or lanyard and secure to vent hinge.

Keep the Bugs Out!
R66 Exhaust cover and Intake Plugs
Exhaust Cover - $155
Intake Pugs (Pair) - $165

R44/66 Main Rotor Head Cover- $165
Covers head down to over top of mast
Tail Rotor Blade and Hub Cover - $295

TRB Scarf
Granny-Made by hand! 50% wool
and 50% acrylic
approx 6ft x 4 inches - $49.00
Directional vent inside cabin.
Available now. $195.00 Each (Specify left or right side)

Buy the pair - $375.00

NEW! Blade Bumpers. Protect the blade ends from accidental hangar rash. Cheap Insurance!!
$295.00  (Pair)

R44 Raven Blade covers - Specify old Raven 1 size or new Raven 2 size! - $475 Pr

R44 Hail Protection Blade Covers - $895
With Duffle bag.

For the discerning R44 Owner with the white Epoxy Hangar floor and needs the Ultimate drip-tray!

Soft sheepskin belt for tailboom blade tie down. Velcro for easy strapping and release. Limits abrasion to tailboom.                    $75.00
Console Cape
Simple black or Gray hood to protect console from dust and sun.
Remove before flight!!!       $95.00
How many times have your doors got dinged or scratched, even in the safest place? Now bag-em! $129.95 each or $245.00 a pair. Fits R22 and R44, front and rear and bubble doors. Strong gun-case foam material, 3 side zip, ID pocket, soft interior. Every hangar should have some!
MD 500 - $295.00 Pr Front
$295 Pr Rear
Bell 206 - $275.00 Pr
EC 135 - $275 Pr
AS 350 Astar - $275 Pr (strandard door)
AS 350 Astar Slider door and small door (set) - $295

Foam padded door bags for R22 and R44. One size fits both R22 and R44 Front and rear, Bubble and regular!
Also available for MD500 front and rear, EC 130, Jet Ranger and Astar.


Available for front and rear in R44 and R66
Seat back covers - coming soon.
Also available as a plain black seat cover to dress up tired and threadbare seats - same but with out the fancy wool. But honestly go with the wool - it's so comfy.
Portable - clips around seat for easy removal.
Burn test certificate available if you require at additional cost.

Velcro adjustable wrap tightens cover

R22 and R44 & R66 seat covers. Totally portable - just slips over the seat and closes down tight. Cover up those tired old cushions. Keep warm in winter and cool in summer. 100% premium lambs wool pelt. Silver gray with black base. And the best part - it has a handy zip pocket at the front for keys, camera phone, log book and other stuff that usually ends up on the floor! Great for students, impress the CFI!

R44 $199.00 each or $395.00 per pair
R66 $235.00 each or $450 per pair
Plain Covers - $125.00 each
Available now for R66 also

Tan Seat covers are back! $395 / pair

Available in Silver Grey  or Tan
At Last ...... we have the wool seat-backs for the front!
Fitted top with back velcro flaps to fit snug. Temporary fitment. Quick install and remove.

$195 each or $395 / pair
R44 or R66 (Same size)

..."Received the seat covers.  They are excellent.  Thank you." - Clay

At last! We now have the seat back covers!
Fits securely around the back of the seat and will soothe that back-ache!
$395 per pair

Rear seat back cover - fits over rear seat without having to remove back
$375.00 Pair
NEW - Rubber mats. Dust and muddy feet makes quick work or the Robinson carpets. What's worse is the plexi bit really shows how dirty the carpets around really are!. Perfect for test flights, 135 and flight schools - keeps the original carpets like new. Temporary fittment. Easily install and remove.

Mat-a-floor Tour floor
Co-pilot side for R22/R44 or R66
Available as add-on only. Stops those pesky shotgun shells, coins, mud and dirt getting down those critical holes in the floor! $99.00
NOTE: This is just the ONE piece section for the front passenger.

Any for the more exotic colors - they are special order
but no problem!

These rubber, honeycomb mats will trap dirt and spills in the dimples for easy clean-up. They are custom fitted to the R44 and R22. Easily removable. Black , beige, clear or gray. Front and rear.
R44/22 Front set - $185.00

R44 - Front and rear set - $245.00
R66 - $265.00
Ask about custom carpet mats.


Bit Bag

The Bit Bag solves the in-flight storage problem for the Robinson R44 and R22 Helicopters. The “saddle” style bag for the R44 is a two sided system that hangs conveniently over the center bar of the 44 between the seats. Identical pockets are arranged on the front and rear to accommodate maps, pens, flashlights, fuel tester, cell phone, business cards, Ipod etc.

The BITBAG isconvenient way to bring all the stuff you need for a flight in one place. Great for students or flight instructors. Just grab it and go. Also available as a one sided pocket system for the R22.

$59.95 List - Great gift, quantity pricing for dealer
Available in Black or RED
Download Bitbag Cut Sheet
Now in Red Also!
Matafloor Clear Trays for R44 - these no longer come with the non skid inserts.
Available with cup holder and logo just like the black Cup A Floor design or plain - please select which model

R44 (top) R22 (Bottom) Front Floor Trays

NEW - Now available clear Cuppafloor
floor trays for R44 $499.00

Matafloor Clear Trays
Custom molded clear plexi with outside lip to keep the spills and dirt in. Full set for R44  $499.00
R22 $375.00 (2 pc set)

NEW!!! - Tour Floor! Left hand side floor panel with sealed pedal holes! Great for tour operators.
$189.00 (Special order)
When ordered with complete set of 4 - $159.00

Cuppa-floor Trays
Black ABS with non skid surface. These nice floor trays fit tightly . Front panels have a nice cup holder too! For temporary use only. Easy to fit and remove.
Full set for R44 $445.00 Rubberized or hard ABS
NEW!! Now available at last R66 Cuppa-floor Trays - $495.00


Coming soon to an R44 near you! External load platform. Available for left and right sides and permanent or collapsible/folding style. Perfect for bulky items, chainsaws, fuel, folding bikes, antlers etc! STC certificate. 150 Lbs load per side.
Ask for more details
Standard set - $4500 pair
Folding $5150 pair
Not currently available - but ask to be on the list!

Must have for the R22 Owner!
Only 2 sets available! They look like new with the hardware and STC Info!

Helipod for  R44 - Right Side - Used
New Zealand manufactured. With install hardware.
Sold.... we have ONE right side unit available $2895.00

For the R44 flight suit! Embroidered Patch.
R22 and R66 also available
5.2" x 1.8" H - $14.95 each
$20.00 per Pr
RibJaw Clamp, ball extension & Mount
GPS Mount for R22 and R44
Clamps to center windscreen rib. For lightweight GPS of mini Ipad etc. Check with your local CAA for temporary install.

Windscreen RibJaw Clamp  $100
Clamp with 1" ball $110.00

The ball is a standard size to fit all RAM Mount adaptors.
Ram mount extension - $25 .00
Hex key is 5/32" let us know if you need one.

Use Ribjaw clamp for GPS or Ipad with Foreflight App.
Jaw will clamp anywhere on the rib all the way to rear of aircraft, so also excellent for rear mounting of Ipad. Front mount is also excellent for taking photos or video with the pad!

The BackJaw

With 1 x 1" Ball

The BackJaw fits snuggly on the back bar between the front seats. It will accomodate 2 of the 1" balls and so can be used for rearview Ipad, GPS or cupholder. With longer RAM flexible extension it can also be used for front seat GPS use. Very Handy!!!

Standard GPS bar with Backjaw clamp mounting for tablet GPS


Ball Cup! If you are building a tow cart you need one of these. CNC milled with 3/4 x 3/8 bottom bolt to fit your design. $345.00 - Now with return spring. Use 3/32 music wire (spring steel) to easily open and release or use a brake cable or other cable and sleeve lever attachment..
We use Mcmaster Carr cable part # or just a straight steel rod.

Lever assembly with 7' Cable (can be cut to length)
This cable or similar ones from McMaster Carr on line

Mini Ipad Kit - Rib Jaw, extension, 1"ball and cradle - $169.00
Ipad Kit - $179.00
GoPro Camera Mount Kit - - Rib Jaw, 1" ball, extension and GoPro adaptor with ball - $159.00

12/24volt Ipad charger with 10 ft cable - the charger has a 2.1 amp USB port for the Ipad and a 1 amp port for the I phone. The cable is an Apple certified cable. Most long cables will not charge the Ipad.
10 ft of cable can be neatly tucked in and around carpet from the accessory jack in the back to the front console/rib area.
1" ball - $10.00
1" ball extension - $20.00
Cup Holder - $29.50

The BackBar Back Jaw! - with 1 x 1" balls - $110.00

Backjaw clamp also fits on pilot instrument bar.

Rib Jaw with standard camera mount plate.
Camera Mount only (Ball with threaded screw) - $15.00
The Channel Jaw!
This clamp will fix to edges of helicopter console, the vertical door channel, headliner channel or the extrusion between bubble and carpet. With 1" ball and extension - it can accomodate various accessories. Gives you endless locations for cameras, GPS or other gadgets.Comes with 1 x 1" balls, sturdy 5/16 nylon bolts with rubber tip protectors and a thick adhesive backed rubber strip for extra paint protection! - $135.00 (use Locktite red or blue to add ball)

Extension arm for Jaw - $20.00

Extra 1" Ball for Jaw Clamps (use Loctite on threads) also mounts to camera side


Clamp on side of console shroud

The Channel Jaw

Bubble Mount      Door Channel Mount
Roof Channel Mount

New locations for interior camera mount
Comes with 1 x 1" ball - standard 1" ball also fits standard camera 1/4" thread or get the camera specific ball below

Camera mount 1" Ball (standard ball also fits onto cameras)
Camera Kit
Channel Jaw, 2 x 1" ball & extender arm $159.00
Iphone 6/s Cradle  -  Go Pro 1" ball mount

Iphone 6/S Cradle with ball - works great on door channel
- close up and handy
Factory GPS bar installed for tablet mount GPS
Factory pilot side  bar - $1750
One of the 1" RAM ball mounts, or the 1" ball itself can be bolted to the "weldment"  or use Back Jaw clamp on the bar.

Seat Belt Pad for R44 and R22

Seat Belt Pad
New Bubble Dust Covers - nice lightweight. Made of parachute, rip-stop material. Folds (scrumples) to small ball to easily fit under seat.
R44 - $295.00

R44 -  4 Door Bubble Cover -  $645
Extended to cover
all windows. These are brand new. Laminated fabric with soft inside. Reinforced hinge areas, drawstring synch system. In stock (Usually!)
Available now in Red, Khaki or grey

R66 Cover - New - RHC/Bruces - One Only
R22 - Bubble Cover -  $445
New covers, in stock. Gray with black laminated soft liner. Drawsring synch system.

Blade Tie downs (Pr) - $99.00

These are the ones with the flat tether  (RHC now supplying with rope?!) Also has handy pull-off tag.

Flight Bag - $75.00

Military Hitch option for Robidolli - + $35.00

Simple at last! No straps to the skids, no fancy electric motor or hydralic lift. Just lock to the RHC supplied tow ball on the belly of the R44or R22 and away you go by hand or by tug! Ultimate tow cart for Robinson R44!
The new Robidolli2 unit is UPS Shippable and breaks down into 3 sections for easy transport. The ball receiver is a high quality design using precise tolerances and an  easy locking feature. There is also a sturdy front T handle for manually manoevering the helicopter. Available with1 1/4 ball hitch or simple military type loop hook by special order. The sytem easily breaks down in 2 sections for easy shipping.
Currently out of stock - please call

Unlike all the other after market dollies designed for the R44 or R22 - the Robidolli uses a positive lball bearing lock system for the ball. It leaves adequate clearance to the helicopter belly as prescribed by Robinsons own system. Extreme care should be taken when connecting to the hitch - make sure the ball is in the cup!


R44 & R22
$19.95 each
R44 or R22

Flight Jackets
R44/R22 Black Jacket - 2xL/L/M - $99.95

Robinson, Hiller, Alouette, Lama - $99.95 each (M/L/X)

Robinson  Bagalog - Log Book Bag - $29.95

Cockpit Floor Trays
NEW - R22 and R44 Clear Cockpit floor inserts  . Not only do they look great but they also protect your interior from dirt and spills. All sets come complete with inserts, custom labeled non skid tape, and Velcro dots.
*R44 Logo no longer on the non-skid

Orange Headsets
You won't find these anywhere else! Very cool orange headsets. I have them in the 44 and everyone always asks where to get them. They were a special order! They are Avcomm 200 s - great extra sets for the rabble in the back seats and easy to spot if they leave the ship!
$149.00 each


The Ultimate Cool Look for your 44 or 22!
Plus it really helps out the pilot!
When stowed full forward, they are out of the pilots direct line of sight but still provide hazy day sun protection and cockpit cooling. Installation (or removal) is fast and simple. The visors jaw-like design simply clamps over the windscreen center post to provide a sturdy mount …NO aircraft altering modification required.
$395.00 - R44
$445.00 - R66
Replacement Plexi Panels (Each) $75.00
Both sides are the same. Order below ....

Robishades and Plexi Replacement Parts


Skid Non Skid
Super Stick non skid pads with R44 motif for skids. Help the un-aware passengers to step up and hi-lite and protect skid. Die cut 24" x 3" - $35 /Pr Red or Dark Gray
Robi A-Rest

Front seat passengers DO NOT ENJOY sitting upright, unsupported with hands folded in their lap… especially when the aircraft is banking or in turbulence.

The sturdy AR309 arm rest solves that problem and makes flying in your R44 an even more pleasurable experience. And a pilot’s day is less stressful when his or her right arm is resting in a more comfortable position.

The sturdy metal frame and linkage assembly is light weight and the arm pad is of comfortable foam with a slightly contoured surface ….similar to an office chair or airline seat.


NEW! RobiDolli -HP6
You can forget to plug this one in!!

Moving your R44 is now Quicker and Easier than ever. A single “twist grip” control coupled to a gas powered hydrostatic drive gives the operator total control to safely re-position your helicopter… at a snails pace or a fast walk. Forward, reverse and speed over ground is managed by the single twist grip control. Both hands can remain on the tee bar handle while maneuvering the helicopter. The hydrostatic drive system, powered by a Quick Starting, 6 HP OHV all weather Briggs & Stratton gasoline engine, provides a constant level of power.

Net weight: 270 lbs. (122.5 kg)
Length less handle: 66 in. (1.67 m)
Width: 38 in. (0.96m)

Shipping weight 450 lbs
Dims on palet 37x65x43 Inches

Flite Pad - Helicopter Dolly
12 ft x 14 ft - 4 casters and 6 rigid wheels
Capacity 3800 lbs
With step
  Perfect size for any light helicopter  


RHC  MT 900 Tow Cart - looks almost new and
will ship in crate - New $8500!
This one - $5495.00

Just In! Used RHC MT900 - $5495.00

This is a really handy, compact, gas powered unit. Ideal for local manouevering around hangar.


   Rugged steel tube frame.
   Grade # 8 Steel Alloy Axle.
   Ball Bearing Hub.
   Tires 4 Ply 4.10 x 3.50 Heavy duty Tire plus tube.
   New removable handle for easy in-flight storage.
   Note!!! This unit fits in the hold of the R66!

Used - like new - Robitug unit.
NEW!!  -  Hard Roller Wheels
Now the Hi Rollers are available with the hard wheels. These wheels are designed for use on flat surfaces. They greatly increase the "rollability" of your ship. Other advantages are of course they are puncture proof! No more adding air for that pesky slow leak!

Hard Roller II wheels for R44 (pair)
Now with wider hard wheels.Exclusive
double-twist shaft version also available

Hard Hi Roller Deluxe!
The Deluxe Hard Hi Rollers are lightweight and completely cut by CNC for strength and precision. The clever angle arrangement allows these wheels and handle to be used on either the old style skid bracket or the new crossways skid bracket.
Set of left and right wheels with ONE arm
Made in the EU
Special Order Only

Hi Roller Wheels
Larger, more heavy-duty than stock Robinson wheels. These wheels raise the helicopter higher off the ground, making it easier to maneuver over bumps, such as the lip on a sliding hangar door. Available in configurations for single and duals for R22, R44, R66 and Clippers

Hi Roller II wheels shown above
Hi Roller II - R44 Standard Main Wheels - $695.00
Hi Roller II - R44 Double Twist Axle - $795.00
Hard or pneumatic
Steel construction. 2 Piece handle.
These wheels can accomodate either the hard wheel or the pneumatic wheel - a handy option if you have cause to switch from hard/flat terrain to a softer surface.

Standard Hi Roller Wheels above

R44 High Roller II Pneumatic  or hard 695.00
R44 High Roller II Double Twist 795.00

High Roller II Wheels

Clipper Pop-Out Wheels - $1275.00

Standard Hi Roller Wheels above

High Roller II DT
If you are frequently using your ground wheels you are propably familiar with the wear that the bracket gets, and then finally fails. The Double Twist Wheel has a swivel shaft that will not wear the skid bracket and makes the lifting easier. Solidly built with powder coat finish and replaceable shaft.
$795.00 - R44 Main
Available in pneumatic or Hard - please specify

Double Twist Ground Wheels

Skid/wheel Shaft mounted
on double bearing
Axle Type



Custom built trailer designed specifically for the R22 and R44
Low profile, dual axle with model specific tie-downs for R44 and R22. Helicopters ride with blades on, supported by vertical trusses.
R22 Ver $19,995.00 R44 $22,500.00


The HeliHauler range of Heli Dollies brings quality engineering at an affordable cost to the world of on-ground mobility for helicopters. These units use the latest in electric motor drive technology to allow precise, variable control of speed and hydraulics. Available for Astar, Jet Ranger, Long Ranger and others. Pricing at 20% below competing products and streets ahead in design!



SALE - HH 1E with Wireless remote on Sale $14995 - In Stock ready to Roll!

HH 1e Short - for Bell 206 and AStar
Long - for Bell 407 and Long Ranger
Max load 1600 KG. Rear or front steering. Electric hydraulic lifting. Single traction drive. 24V 75Ah battery pack. $11,395.00
HH 1eD With dual traction motor $12,100.00
HH 2eD EC 130 (B4), EC120, Bell 407, Long Ranger Max load 2000 KG $14,800.00
BO 105 Max load 2300 KG $15,900.00
BK 117, EC 145 Max load 2500 KG $16,700.00
Dual traction drive motor, rear or front steering, electric hyraulic lifting, 24 volt 115Ah battery pack
Extras Wireless remote control $3,800.00
4WD abd 4 W steering and Remote control Only for EC130, AS 350, Bell 407, Bell 206LR $5,200.00
28 Volt 200Ah battery pack for APU use Includes cable and connector $1,400.00

  FlightDex Cargo Holds
Coming soon - STC certified side racks for the R44 and R66 Helicopter. Can be configured with open or enclosed baskets or flat deck. Will hold up to 150 Lbs of cargo.
Currently accepting Pre-orders. These attach either side to the rear of the back doors on the R44. Certified as a deck - anything can be securely strapped to the platform - fuel, sacks of feed, cases, lumber equipment and tools etc. The plywood deck can be removed and optional baskets can be attached. Currently working on camera mount attachment for the hold - making these R44 accessories a must-have for working ships. Heck they look good too!


R22 Helipod - One Left - RHS - with hardware $1995.00 New in the box!
.Click Here for Helipod Info!


R44 Helicopter Cover
New R44 full covers - .
Full year cover weight material - $1995.00 - Gray is the standard color. R66 - $2395
Full quilted Hail/Freeze Protection Covers - all covers padded . R44 $2295 R66 $2695
kit includes: engine cover with attached belly cover and separate mast cover.
                    main blade covers, tail rotor cover and duffle bag.
Rotor Hub/Mast Cover $375
Blade Covers (Pr) - $695
Quilted Hail Blade covers - $995
Tail Rotor/Gearbox Covers - $295
Tailboom Cover - $650

Main Rotor Blade Covers for Hail Protection
Heli-Hail Blade covers - Available in several colors - these covers include a hi-density 1/2" thick waterproof foam to protect the blade from hail.  A must for those owners in hail-prone areas - a ding in the wrong place can be a VERY expensive affair!
$895.00 - Special order

Brand new-in-the box set of fixed floats for R44 Clipper. Customer never installed. Comes with all the hardware - $14995.00
Start Tuna Fishing or great for summer at the lake!
Sold but may have lead on another unit!

Used AVMAP EKP IV GPS - complete with antena, docs, charger etc - about 5 yrs old with 2007 updates -
can be updated to current version we understand at minimal cost - $995.00
Now $$595 !!!

Tyler side mount for R44 - used. Available for $10,500.00 - great rental items!! - Sold

Tyler Camera Adapters now available for the R-44:
FLIR • Ultra Media R/S • Ultra Media III • Ultra Media II
Ultra Media I • Ultra Media High-def • Cineflex High-def
Wescam 15• Polytech • Libra
Other Sensor Packages (up to 105 lbs.) may be mounted to the Tyler R-44 Mount
New Unit $15000.00

After you have all the RHC Accessories - .The Ultimate Robinson Hangar


$120,000 - FOB France!

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